Part of our collection of Royal Worcester.

Selection of Royal Worcester painted by Stinton.

As Antique Dealers we are pleased to have a 250 piece collection of  Royal Worcester in

two cabinets. The largest collection in Sydney.

Porcelain & Pottery


We specialise in Fine Antique Porcelain, Royal Worcester, Meissen, Sevres,Dresden, Moore Bros. Staffordshire etc.


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Antique Royal Worcester Pot Pourri.

Rare Teardrop shape, Painted with Pheasants.

Signed Lewis, Dated 1903  25 cms. High.


Royal Worcester.

Matching pair of footed vases with pierced rims.

Painted Fruit in Foliage. Signed: T. Lockyer.

Dated 1929. 22 cms. high.


Royal Worster by H. Stinton

Twin handled vase with pierced lid.

Handpainted Highland Cattle.

Signed: H. Stinton 25 cms. high


Antique Sevres Lidded Vase.

Painted with a romantic scene.

Lavish Gilding. Signed E. Ginaud.

62 cms. Tall.



Large 19th. Century French Porcelain bust.

Hand painted and Beautifully moulded. Signed by Paul Duboy.

(1830 - 1877)   72 cms. High.


Lladro Figure Group "A Rickshaw Ride"

This group is retired.

28 cms. high   80 cms. long.


Antique Royal Worcester Ewer.

A rare piece bearing the monogram od Edward Raby.

Dated 1890   40 cms. High



Massive Antique Dresden Comport.

The floral encrusted, pierced bowl supported

by  a winged Putti.

Circa 1880  66 cms. high.


Antique German porcelain Comport.

The pierced and floral encrusted bowl

supported by three cherubs. 

Circa 1880   30 cms. tall


Small Royal Worcester footed Bowl.

Handpainted Roses, signed: Ethel Spilsbury.

Dated: 1912.  16 cms. tall.


Antique Satsuma covered vase and Stand.

Hand painted and lavishly gilded, with

Figural handles and a Dog of Foo on the

Cover.  80 cms. High.

Circa 1880


Antique French Porcelain Bisque Bust by Carrier Beleuse.

Beautifully modelled, hand painted and gilded for

the French factory: Henri Ardante et Cie.

Circa 1870 38 cms. high


Antique Sevres.

Pair of exceptional Art Nouveau Vases,

Elegantly fluted bodies and covers.

Hand painted Flora, blue enamel ground,

with heavy Gilt Overlay.

50 cms. High  Circa 1890


Royal Dux study of a Goatherd with his goat.

Typical soft green, cream and gold colouring.

Large size 65 cms. High


Antique Imari Jardiniere.

Hand Painted and Gilt Bronze mounted.

44cms. High 50 cms. wide.


LLadro Figure Group of 2 girls in Arbor.

One girl is swinging. No: 1366

Issued 1978  41 cms. High


Royal Worcester.

Limited Edition of Prince Charles on "Pan's Folly'

by Lorne McKeen

Number  102 OF 250



Pair of Antique German Figural Candlesticks.

Depicting a Lady and Gentleman in Harlequin Costumes.

Beautifully Hand Painted, with four candle holders.

Circa 1880   53 cms. high.

$2750.00 The Pair.

Antique French Bisque

Pair of Figures, beautifuuly gilded.

Circa 1879  700 High.


Royal Dux Figure Group.

modelled as  a young cowherd.

40 cms. long.


LLadro Figure Group.

Romeo and Juliet, Modelled by

Alfredo Ruiz.

Introduced 1971 Retired 2005 

48 cms. high


Antique Satsuma hand painted and gilded figure of buddha.

Circa 1890  20 cms. wide 


Royal Worcester.

Pair of beautifully modelled Egyptian Female Musicians.

Shape 1084 Large Size. 32 cms. High. Dated 1890




Royql  Worcester by H. Stinton

Pot Pourri with Crown Top.

Handpainted Highland Cattle.

Signed: H. Stinton. 20 cms. high.